Angel From Montgomery Accolades & Commendations

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Angel From Montgomery - Cover                              Written by John Prine

The sepia-tinged effect is clear, from the artist imagery to the piano led playing which is focused on settling us first before pulling out the big gun dramatics. A ballad that was for so long the standard but which we've lost of late and while it was always a bit too commercially trained for me it was a pleasure to hear an artist make good on that god given talent of hers. Uplifting to the point of spiritual stuff here.  - Mp3Hugger, Ireland

We really appreciate the opportunity to spend some time with this. The vocals are rich and soulful, adding real passion to Prine's classic…we admire this for sure and we hope it earns the reception it deserves. - Various Small Flames (Curator)

'Angel From Montgomery' is a gorgeous pop song with emotional vocal performances, stripped-back instrumentation and excellent songwriting. It is a release you do not want to miss! - FVMusic Blog

Great sound and instrumental timing of the track. Sensual song that is perfect for listening when you want to relax and unwind. The vocals touch the soul.- Sacrifice Dance (Curator)

I loved the warm and soft voice, very expressive. Nice music too. The sounds and the production are amazing, so cool! Loved the arrangements. - Listnerd (Curator)

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

–William Shakespeare