'All Sun No Clouds'

"A delicate pop song, with a beautiful, sensual voice, with great strength, which transmits each letter of the song in each intonation." -Music Media (Agency and Music Promotion)

 "This Felt Classic from the start" - Rag Talent (Talent group) 

"I loved Bonnie's voice, it is so beautiful and powerful at the same time. And this song is so simple but touching at the same time, with guitar arrangements and some choirs at the end that make this song have so much personality. Sometimes we don't need too much production and things to make the song sound cool. It's in the simple things that we find magic. Your indie folk and pop-soul are really cool and also the theme is so cute about the sweet moments of love.  I think the production goes very well with that idea of being in love and just making it simple.  Play and be happy!"  - Alcaldesa - (Playlist Curator)

"Wow! I just love the very romantic lyrics and Bonnie's voice really sounded very soulful indeed." -  Music Lover (Playlist Curator)                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Bonnie Hart


Bonnie Hart is a singer, composer, actress, producer and writer based in Hollywood, California. An eclectic artist, she is classically trained with a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in opera and theater, yet she turns down the classical and dives deep into her passion for jazz, blues, soul, the cinematic and songs with meaning. 

Upcoming Album - 'STAY'

Bonnie Hart's debut Album, 'Stay',  is an album that has soul, temperament, nuance and heart.  The feel of the music has elements that are reminiscent of Adele, Nora Jones, Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and Sam Smith.  This is a long awaited journey for the artist, and she is eager to plug in and connect to the world through her music and powerful lyrics; no more hiding behind the music.  Having started her career late in the game, she is deeply grateful that her muse and Film Director husband, Brett A. Hart has had loving faith in her which has allowed her to sing again.   Her hope is that others will see that anything is possible and that they too deserve to be heard.  The consistent message to her fans and listeners of all ages is that its' never too late....to find love, seek change, live authentically, embrace one's passion and follow your dreams.  Original tracks to watch out for:  'Stay',  'With You' and 'These Games'..  

Angel From Montgomery

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The very talented American singer Bonnie Hart has just brought her wonderful voice to the world in Angel From Montgomery, with an almost angelic ease she conquers everyone's hearts. Fans of hers really are completely in love with the way she manages to reach every musical note with her voice strong and soft at the same time. The piano of this song has just brought the perfect charm of this song, it really is worth checking out this great work of sound art.” - Gustavo Mestrinel

Music For All

A sweet female voice, rocked by the piano, will put your mind to sleep in a cloud of soft texture and positive vibes, while telling details a story that will rock your dreams. The melody gently creates a haze of tenderness, surrounding the senses and warming the chest with the good feelings, so that maybe this will become your song for once, and, when you close your eyes, it will be the one that floods your thoughts with a gentle peace. and lasting.” - AF Chagas

Roadie Music


Bonnie Hart is a singer, composer, actress,  producer and writer based in Hollywood, California. Somewhere between Nora Jones, Adele, Annie Lennox and K.D. Lang, Bonnie's voice is rich with deep tones that counter a sweeter side that seamlessly blend together. An eclectic artist, she is classically trained with a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in opera and theater from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and yet she turns down the classical and dives deep into her passion for jazz, blues, soul, folk and songs with meaning.

"Bonnie Hart's voice is beautiful and deep on her new cover song; Angel From Montgomery, accompanied by a subtle piano in the background, Bonnie will give you goosebumps with her beautiful interpretation."                                - Little Folks Indiemusic Network

  Having been a vocal instructor/professor for over 27 years, Bonnie is now finally pursuing her lifelong dream of being a songwriter, recording artist and performer. She is starting a slow release of tracks that accumulate to her debut album, 'Stay'.  

 Winner of Best Original song and Music Video for Christmas Next Year  in December 2022, which includes the LACA Film Festival, the Best Shorts Competition, the IndieXFilm Festival and the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. As more festivals are on the way and having been  put on several 'best voices of 2022' playlists, Bonnie admits she is beyond excited. Though, starting her career backwards at age 46,  she has been quoted as saying, "Its the right time, cause now that I've lived some life...I have something to say".  She hopes her courage to put herself 'out there' encourages others to, "Never give up…cause its never too late!"

 Bonnie gives credit for her courage to her two children, Stavros and Sophia, her family, her students and her husband, her love and muse, Emmy award winning director, Brett A. Hart. Together they own, Hart & Soul Entertainment. based in Hollywood, California.


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